Stone Cold Steve Austin is widely recognized as one of the most influential and greatest professional wrestlers of all time. Austin has record of being game to do business, but it seems he is not interested to work with The Undertaker in a stalker storyline.

Steve Austin was still one of the greatest names in the WWE by the time mid-2001 rolled around, ranking alongside The Undertaker, Triple H, and Kurt Angle. As a result, Austin had a lot of authority behind the scenes, which he wasn’t reluctant to use when he thought the situation called for it.

WCW was acquired by WWE in March 2001, and several WCW stars appeared on WWE television. Diamond Dallas Page was one of the first people to be thrust into a significant plot. DDP had won the World Championship three times, making him a very well-liked figure in the WCW.

The Undertaker and Page’s animosity was infamously set up when Page made his WWE debut as a villain, and it is still mocked today. Steve Austin eventually resisted, though. DDP explained to GiveMeSport that WWE was unable to find anyone else to play the role of ‘The Stalker,’ including Steve Austin, so they gave him the part.


“When you’re doing something like a stalker idea, they built this storyline and couldn’t get anybody to do it – that’s the real deal. They wanted [Steve] Austin to do it. And Austin is like ‘f*uck that!’ and he told me about that later and I was like ‘you couldn’t have called me up and said that to me?!’”

“But, the bottom line was, I thought they were trying to make us going in there. Because there was no more WCW, but that was not the deal.”

“The deal was, and it had nothing to do with me personally, it could have been Sting or Goldberg or whoever – whoever it was was going to get fed to whoever it was in the top angle because it was ego and it was business.”

The angle was criticized for not only casting a beloved character to stalk The Undertaker‘s wife, but also for DDP’s crushing defeat so soon after his debut. We have to wonder how things would have turned out if the Texas Rattlesnake was down to stalk Taker’s wife instead. For further updates, stay tuned to Ringside news.

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