Triple H is regarded as one of the greatest in-ring workers and businessmen in the wrestling world. While The Game hung up his boots earlier this year, he continues to make WWE better place with his corporate acumen. However, former WWE superstar Shane Douglas recently accused Triple H of stealing a part of his gimmick.

Shane Douglas became a huge star in ECW and was one of their marquee attractions from 1993 until 1999. His mainstream success and incredible in-ring work in the Land of Extreme led him to win the ECW World Heavyweight Championship on four separate occasions.

Shane Douglas has continued to make appearances for various promotions since his heyday. At the onset of Shane’s career, Triple H became a singles competitor and adopted the villainous persona of The Game. Douglas recently recalled a past incident where he saw Triple H steal one of his promos on live television. He spoke about this during an interview with WSI.

“I’m finishing up putting a sandwich together, and I come around the corner and I hear, ‘It’s my belt, it’s my belt, it’s my damn belt,’ and I went, ‘That’s why it [similarities] scratched my brain.’ That was my promo almost verbatim, except I used the F-bomb, not damn. Borrowing’s one thing, I would be embarrassed to take somebody’s promo, especially a fairly famous promo, and word-for-word make it mine.”


Triple H and Shane Douglas worked together in WWE during the same period in the 1990s, however, they never crossed paths or had a one-on-one match against each other.

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