Torrie Wilson has been a big name in WWE for years. She received a lot of attention during her time in the WWE, but she never won a championship. Now she has come clean about how surreal it felt to be included in the Hall of Fame.

Torrie was recently invited to the Generation Iron Fitness & Bodybuilding Network channel. She spoke heavily about her WWE career and the history associated with it. In the interview, she mentioned being shocked to have her name inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

The former WWE diva says that it was a very bizarre period. She never even thought about being in the Hall of Fame. Torrie remembers it being a very pleasant surprise when they called her about it because she didn’t realize how awesome it was until later.

“It was a very surreal time. I never even considered that I would be in the Hall of Fame. I just never, you know, so when they called me, it was a very pleasant surprise, and then I realized how cool it actually really was.”


Torrie also illuminates the depressing aspect of events at the time. Al Wilson, her father, would die before he could see his daughter’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. She asserts, however, that even after his death, her father’s joyful aura continued to surround her.

Wilson admitted that she received little public attention prior to her debut wrestling outing. She had participated in the Miss Galaxy pageant and was developing into a fitness model. Later, Wilson caught the attention of performers and fans alike after visiting a WCW show.

This goes on to show how much a person can affect the history of WWE even after not winning any substantial accolades. It was her talents that got her into the company, and she built it up well from there.

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