Kazuchika Okada is one of the most popular Japanese wrestlers in the world. His wrestling acumen has earned him fame on the global stage. His title reigns as IWGP World Heavyweight Champion have been historic, and all this stardom earned him a different kind of opportunity.

Kazuchika Okada made a cameo appearance in the Japanese dubbed version of Black Adam, along with First Summer Uika. There was an event held recently to promote the release of the film. During the event, Okada was joined on stage by Taiten Kusunoki (voiced Dwayne Johnson) and Maaya Uchida (voiced Cyclone).

“It’s raining ‘Black Adam’ in the movie theater!” Released on 12/2 (Fri.)! Kazuchika Okada appears at the Japan premiere of the blockbuster starring Dwayne Johnson! Are you interested in wrestling against Rock!? Challenge yourself as a voice actor in the dubbed version! report,” tweeted NJPW which was translated from Japanese.

Black Adam is set to release in Japan on December 2nd this year. While we know that Okada will make a cameo appearance as a voice actor in the film, we still don’t know what character he will be providing his voice for.


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