Torrie Wilson made a name for herself during the early days of WWE programming, where she was largely seen in eye candy segments. This was especially true with her program with Sable. Wilson recently revealed that she once rejected Sable-inspired risqué WWE pitch.

Not so long ago, women in professional wrestling were portrayed very differently than they are now. One of the more well-known female wrestlers at the time was Torrie Wilson. She gained popularity in WCW and WWE more for her outlandish storylines and physical appeal than for her prowess in the ring.

It was evidenced by her contentious feud with Dawn Marie over Marie’s fictional romance with Wilson’s real-life father, Al Wilson. There were boundaries to how far Wilson would push the edge, even though she was willing to participate in such angles and twice appear for Playboy during her time with WWE. The WWE Hall of Famer shared one specific approach that she rejected in an interview with Generation Iron Fitness & Bodybuilding.

They wanted me, like what Sable did, paint my boobs and walk out there naked, And I said no. There are certain things that I turned down that I could’ve gotten ahead with. But it just didn’t feel right.


Fans of the Attitude Era will no doubt remember that Sable participated in this angle in 1998 as a part of a bikini competition against competitor Jacqueline, whom Sable would go on to defeat at the 1998 Survivor Series to win the WWE Women’s Championship. After Sable made a comeback in 2003, the two would eventually cross paths in the WWE, first as rivals and then as allies.

The two even posed for Playboy in 2004. At WrestleMania XX, the team beat Miss Jackie and Stacy Keibler in a Playboy Evening Gown match. You can watch the full interview below.

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