This week has been tough for many NXT talents as WWE released five stars, including former Chase University member Bodhi Hayward. However, in a recent interview, he admitted that he had anticipated being called up to the main roster before being released.

Hayword, now going by his real name Brady Booker, spoke with PW Mania for an exclusive interview. The former Chase U member revealed that when he was released, it completely caught him off guard because he believed Chase U were getting ready for the main roster.

“My first initial thought was, I was in shock. It was 100% out of the left field. I was upset too. I felt the relationships I had there that were being built were good. I was shocked, and it was a big blow to my confidence. I was thinking Chase U main roster, but I was shocked and hurt. It showed me that there is a lot more to this business that maybe I do have to learn about. In some way shape or form, you are always in control. I look at this as a great opportunity. I feel that I’m made for this. Physically, and mentally. The one thing I always wanted was to cut an in-ring promo. I love being in front of crowds. I never feel more comfortable than being in front of them. That’s what will make me successful in this business. I love the Brodies and they’re loving me back. I want to love everyone for who they are as well.”

After watching Hayward on television every week for 18 months, it was unexpected to learn that he had been fired from the company so suddenly. He was reportedly a handful to work with, according to sources, which ultimately resulted in his release.


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Smita Singha Roy

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