Kurt Angle and Cody Rhodes are two well-known names in the wrestling industry. However, some may not know that the two wrestled each other three times. Under the Northeast Wrestling name, one of the bouts was a Steel Cage Match. In the end, Angle was surprised after locking up with the American Nightmare.

Their matches did not take place under the bright lights of WWE, but they did appear on the independent circuit. Angle reflected on his matches with Rhodes on a recent episode of The Kurt Angle Show.

“I loved wrestling with Cody Rhodes. I actually wrestled him three separate times when I left TNA, and I was doing the independent circuits for about a year. Cody was great. I knew he was good, but I didn’t know he was that good.

After their first two matches, the score was tied at one apiece. Angle stated that he made the decision to give Rhodes the victory in their final match together.


So, I beat him once, he beat me once, and then we had the rubber match. I felt because he had a bigger career ahead of him and I’m nearing the end of my career, I said, ‘You know, Cody, let me just do the job for you. Let you go over, continue on with your career,’ because I’m nearing the end of my career, and that’s what legends are supposed to do. They’re supposed to make other wrestlers before they retire.

It’s good to witness wrestlers hype each other up. Let’s see if Rhodes responds to what Kurt said. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Ringside News.

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