CM Punk debuted last year at AEW Rampage: The First Dance and instantly became one of their top stars. He competed against numerous top stars since then, especially against Adam Page, whom he took an unscripted shot at during Dynamite. Freddie Prinze Jr. recently entered the discussion surrounding CM Punk, and he had some interesting insight.

It’s no secret that Freddie Prinze Jr., a well-known actor, spent more than ten years working in the wrestling industry. Prinze previously served as a producer and member of the creative team for WWE, albeit he is currently developing his own brand.

In the most recent episode of his Wrestling With Freddie podcast, Prinze discussed CM Punk’s promo that aired on Dynamite on August 17th. He also shared some information on the AEW backstage atmosphere that he had heard when talking about the promo.

There’s two ways to look at it. [Either] it’s work-shoot and he’s trying to turn heel or there’s real stuff going on and it was receipt time. I happen to know that it’s more of the latter, and I think he’s just trying to take advantage of it and saying ‘Okay, I’ll roll with it’. But not everyone backstage loves CM Punk and it’s not just because of Colt Cabana. It’s because of the way they feel he’s behaved since he’s got there behind the curtain. It was actually something that Hangman Page said in his promo when they were having their run to the title [match]. I remember [Page] said ‘I’m not just defending this title, I’m defending for all of those people back there’. A lot of people don’t feel like Punk shows anyone respect really, at least not the type of respect.. well let’s change the word cause respect is earned. The type of dignity that one would expect at work. When you don’t treat people as necessary parts of the pie, and I’ve seen this in a lot of movies, people look at you a certain way. That’s what I’ve been told as the kind of stuff that is going on. Hangman Page said a lot of real stuff.


CM Punk’s promo on Adam Page was also receipt for what Page had said about him months prior. We will have to wait and see whether things between the two will get better or not. We’ll keep you updated on this developing story right here at Ringside News.

What’s your take on CM Punk’s behavior? Sound off in the comments!

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