Ezekiel and Kevin Owens were involved in one of the most entertaining storylines on WWE television. Ezekiel reiterated he was Elias’ younger brother, but KO was adamant Zeke had been lying since day one.

Triple H took charge and KO returned to his vicious and ruthless side. The former Universal Champion squared off against Zeke last week on Raw and put him out of action with powerbomb to the apron.

KO was asked about his attack on Ezekiel in a backstage segment. The former Universal Champion Ezekiel couldn’t figure out who he was, but Owens know who he is, and that Raw will always be the “Kevin Owens Show.”

Ezekiel was sent to local hospital after the assault. Jimmy Smith announced during Raw this week that Zeke had sustained multiple injuries and will be out of action for a long time. He also said the word “hospital” on WWE television, a word that was previously banned.


This was WWE’s way of writing off Ezekiel from television. WWE might repackage him with another gimmick, or we could get Elias back. We’ll have to wait and see what’s next in store for both Owens and Ezekiel.

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Manik Aftab

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