Ezekiel came to Raw after WrestleMania and revealed himself to be Elias’ younger brother. Ezekiel interrupted Kevin Owens’ promo and said that he was the biggest liar in the WWE. A storyline soon ensued between the two.

Ezekiel and Kevin Owens squared in singles action this week on Raw. However, their latest encounter was completely different from their previous meetings. KO made quick work of Zeke and hit him with a powerbomb on the apron.

The contest was called off, and medical staff surrounded him. Zeke was then taken out on a stretcher after the match, which never saw a definitive conclusion because Ezekiel never managed to get back inside the ring. Ezekiel also didn’t get his entrance on Raw this week, because they just cut to him already in the ring having his name announced.

This segment certainly made Kevin Owens look strong. It was also the apparent conclusion of his storyline with Zeke.


This could be WWE’s way of writing off Ezekiel, because Triple H might want The Drifter’s return. The company didn’t provide a medical update on Ezekiel’s condition as of this writing. As previously noted, Triple H has big plans for Kevin Owens.

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Manik Aftab

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