Vince McMahon’s retirement has caused a massive shift at the top of WWE. Nick Khan, the company’s president, was named CO-CEO along with Stephanie McMahon. There have been rumors for years that Khan’s goal with WWE was to set things up for an eventual sale.

With McMahon gone, there has been plenty of speculation that the company could be sold soon. The fact is that for some time, WWE has been on the market if the right buyer comes calling. The company is not actively being shopped, but for the right deal, the board would not hesitate to make a deal.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer compared WWE’s situation to the sale of UFC by Lorenzo Fertitta. While WWE would take an offer that blew them away, they aren’t working actively to make a sale. However, as has been the case for years, the right deal would not be turned down.

“What does this mean for a sale? It probably means, well, you know, the bit with the sale is, if the right offer comes, they were going to be sold yesterday, a year ago, tomorrow. You know, the right offer didn’t come…

If Vince pushed and said, like Lorenzo Fertitta, when UFC was sold. This was not a situation of Endeavor coming and going like, ‘Lorenzo, we’re going to make you an offer that you can’t refuse.’ It was Lorenzo waking up one day, for reasons that probably have never been discussed, and just said, ‘I built this thing, I’m tired of this thing. I’m tired of certain aspects of this thing and I want to sell. Somebody line up a bunch of bidders,’ and they lined up a whole bunch of bidders. That’s what happened there. Again, there’s been nobody lining up the bidders [for WWE] that we know of.”

It is entirely possible that WWE’s board could decide to actively pursue a sale. At the moment, that isn’t the case. With Vince McMahon now out of the picture, things could change in a heartbeat.

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