WWE President Nick Khan took position within the company which gave him more power as a board member in June. Ever since Khan took over many have noticed major changes within the company have been attributed to Khan. Those changes are not limited to reports of Khan “leading the charge” to release more superstars.

With the combination of WWE releasing several big name superstars as well as selling the content of the WWE Network to NBC, many fans have speculated as to the possibility of WWE as a whole being sold. Their continued efforts to trim the bottom line have not gone unnoticed.

Nick Khan made an appearance on the Recode Media podcast and he made it clear that WWE is open to doing business with other companies who are interested in purchasing WWE. He made it clear that WWE is not actively seeking a buyer for the company, but they’re open to talks.

“We’re open for business on anything and everything. Even some of the business plans that we’ve announced recently are different and unique to what the company has traditionally done. We’re open for business. If somebody called, we’ll listen, but we’re not active or out on the marketplace trying to change that structure.”


Khan also went on to say that he believes that Vince McMahon has no intentions of stepping down as Chairman of WWE any time soon. Nick Khan himself also thinks that McMahon should not step down as Chairman.

The possibility of WWE being sold was once thought of as impossible by many fans. With recent changes within the company, as well as what Nick Khan has said about the possibility of WWE being sold, fan speculation started to grow about WWE being sold sometime in the future. Stay tuned, because WWE is always changing and it might eventually change hands as well.

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h/t to Recode Media for the quotes

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