Vince McMahon has had an incredible influence over the world of professional wrestling. The former WWE CEO recently announced that he is finally retiring at the age of 77. He previously handed over the reins of the company to his daughter, Stephanie McMahon.

Sean Sapp from Fightful reported behind his paywall that WWE is making a lot of internal activity in light of the retirement. They held an “all hands on deck” meeting at 5 PM EST. CEO Stephanie McMahon and President Nick Khan along with the new EVP of talent relations are all going to be in Boston.

WWE also received an internal memo from Vince McMahon, which announced his retirement. The current state of WWE is one of much activity, and many things are expected to change. It was also revealed that WWE talent are skeptical about Vince McMahon fully leaving WWE behind.

A mass message went out to those within WWE from Vince McMahon, announcing the news. There have been heavy moves made within WWE, and we’re told to expect more. 


One talent immediately contacted us and they said “they’ll believe it once shows come and go and he’s no longer involved.” Another upon hearing the news said that they were surprised, as they expected Vince McMahon to be with the company until he dies. 

Another talent also expressed surprise over the news because they expected Vince McMahon would remain dedicated to WWE for as long as he is alive. WWE is currently in uncharted territory, as Vince McMahon has been with the promotion since its inception.

Many things from the management to how the in-ring talent conducts itself are expected to change. AEW President Tony Khan said that he is proud of being the “longest-tenured CEO in pro-wrestling” after the news of Vince McMahon’s retirement.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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