Cody Rhodes recently had surgery to tear torn pectoral tendon. Initial reports were that he would miss between six and nine months. On WWE television, nine months has been the company line. Many expect Cody’s return to be much sooner.

The perfect scenario would be for Cody Rhodes to return at the Royal Rumble in January. That would give him roughly six months of rehab and recovery. Cody could then immediately enter the world championship picture.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer talked about Cody Rhodes’ injury. He noted that Michael Cole has been heavily selling the nine-month time frame. Most within WWE expect it to be less than that.

“They heavily put over Cody Rhodes on Smackdown with Michael Cole saying he could be out of action for up to nine months. Most expect it to be less, including him, and the idea of a big Rumble return as a selling point to that show makes sense. WWE filmed his surgery so the footage will be used in future promotional packages. There is at least talk right now of giving him the HHH 2001/2002 treatment where his return is built up to be a huge deal.”


If Cody Rhodes’ rehab goes as well as it is hoped to, he could be back for the Rumble. Cody has stated that his intention in returning to WWE is to go after the championship that eluded his father. This would be the perfect opportunity, as Cody will be red hot once he comes back.

As with any injury, things could change. Everybody heals differently and there could be bumps in the road or unexpected successes. WWE is hoping everything goes well and that Cody Rhodes is back in time for next year’s Royal Rumble.

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