Rhea Ripley has established herself as one of the best female superstars in the WWE. She made an immediate impact in NXT, and she continued to do so on the main roster. Ripley recently shared a picture of what appears to be a painful piercing.

Ripley is known to go a bit hard in her matches and it appears that a knee to her chompers did some damage. That called for a trip to the dentist office, which is never a preferred destination for anyone no matter what Britt Baker might like to tell people.

Ripley took to Twitter to show off her teeth and she showed off a little-known piercing in the process. She got herself a lip frenulum piercing to quench her desire for body modification, but it’s unknown how long she’s had it since it’s hidden.

Her piercing will no doubt add more depth and complement her WWE gimmick. It will also give her a new reason to avoid getting punched in the face.


Knee – 1
Teeth- 0
Thank you

Fans chimed in saying that teeth are meant for kneeing. Others wondered how painful the procedure might have been. Another said that if that ring around her upper lip frenulum isn’t decorative, the dental purpose is meaningless.

Rhea Ripley’s impressive run as heel on Monday Night RAW is undoubtedly turning heads. We’ll have to wait and watch whether Ripley does indeed appear on NXT television this week. Check out her latest piercing pictures in the tweet below.

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