Sasha Banks and Naomi made headlines after they walked out in the middle of WWE Raw last month. Naturally, it became a huge topic of discussion and even now, people are talking about it even now. Matt Cardona also decided to take a shot at Sasha Banks and Naomi again.

WWE has been very aggressive when it comes to how they have dealt with the situation. WWE indefinitely suspended both of them and then buried them immensely on live television.

While speaking on Under The Ring with Phil Strum, Matt Cardona talked about how he used YouTube to promote himself back in 2011 as part of his Long Island Iced-Z show. He also took a shot at Banks and Naomi’s walkout while he was at it.

“The Z! True Long Island Story, 2011, I wasn’t happy with my position in WWE. I didn’t walk out, mid-Raw, I did something about it. I changed my future, I worked my ass off, I took a chance, and I started that show. That YouTube show was all me. Editing it, writing it, filming it, putting it out. The fans took to it because this is organic. The fans saw what I was doing. They saw the quality, and by quality…the production quality was not good. They could tell it wasn’t just me going to Raw, going to the pre-tape room, and someone in Stamford would edit it. This was me. They appreciated that.


I formed this bond with a lot of fans that I still have to this day. You have to be ahead of the curve. Now, everyone is on the internet. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, it’s free. It’s a free tool for promotion, for advertising, which is great. Flipside, it’s free for everybody. You have to stand out. You have to figure out a way to stand out and make people recognize you. That’s tough. I’m up to the challenge

Matt Cardona suffered an injury at GWC’S Downward Spiral event while wrestling Blake Christian. Matt Cardona also gave an update on his recovery process and timeline. We’ll have to see when Cardona will be able to compete again.

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