WWE has not been shy about sharing the company’s feelings about Sasha Banks and Naomi with fans. After the two walked out on last week’s Monday Night Raw over creative disagreement, they were called unprofessional on commentary. On SmackDown, Michael Cole announced that the pair has been suspended indefinitely and stripped of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.

The brass at WWE is furious at the way Sasha Banks and Naomi acted. They believe the former women’s champs acted selfishly when they should have simply followed the script they were given. The way they have been buried on television is meant to send a clear message to other wrestlers who might think of doing something similar.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed WWE’s reaction to Sasha and Naomi’s abrupt exit from the arena. The company’s actions paint a clear picture for other wrestlers who are unhappy and thinking about leaving while they are under contract: We will bury you if you do it.

“The fact that they buried [Sasha Banks and Naomi]… Again… It just tells you the mood that they were in. They were in a very strong mood and I know also it was absolutely meant as a message to talent: Don’t walk out during a live show, because we will bury you.


Whether that matters or not to talent, I don’t know, but it absolutely was a message to everyone there that if you, again, you can discuss things and whatever. You can question things and all that and that’s part of the deal. I think that the problem was the walking out… So, that was how they handled it.”

Sasha Banks and Naomi face uncertain futures within WWE. There have been plenty of worse situations that have been resolved. This time, WWE is not putting up with it, and has placed every member of the roster on notice.

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