WWE fans have been hunting for info on exactly what happened to make Sasha Banks and Naomi walk out of last night’s episode of Raw. Details have been flowing in fits and starts, but the bigger picture is starting to emerge. The main issue from backstage centers around how the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions were planned to be used going forward.

Mike Johnson of PW Insider pieced together the narrative of what went down backstage last night. The original plan was for the six-pack challenge to determine new #1 contender for the Raw Women’s Championship. Naomi was set to win (whether she was supposed to pin Sasha is up for debate) and challenge Bianca Belair at Hell in a Cell.

An angle was supposed to be shot for SmackDown that would set up a match between Sasha Banks and Ronda Rousey for the SmackDown championship. Both Naomi and Banks were planned to lose to the respective champions. Sasha Banks and Naomi didn’t like the idea and voiced their concerns to the powers that be.

At one point, a tag team match was pitched between Banks and Naomi and Nikki A.S.H. and Doudrop. That has not been confirmed 100% but seems likely. WWE Producer Molly Holly then informed Sasha and Naomi that the six-pack challenge was the direction, with Naomi winning the match.


Shortly after Banks and Naomi were told of the plan, they visited John Laurinaitis to tell him they were leaving. That is when they left the women’s tag titles behind. Vince McMahon found out just after the show went on the air, and the plan was pitched to change the main event to Becky Lynch vs Asuka. That idea may have been pitched by Becky herself.

The issue was not so much with Sasha and Naomi wrestling in the multi-person match. The team believed the tag team champions being jobbed out to the singles champs after all the work they’d done to build the team was a bad idea. At that point, Sasha and Naomi decided to leave the arena and the fans got Becky Lynch vs. Asuka instead.

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Michael Perry

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