CM Punk is the kind of guy who wears his thoughts on his sleeve. This past Wednesday on AEW Dynamite, he appeared wearing an abortion rights t-shirt while providing commentary. While some applauded Punk’s stance on abortion rights, it seems others took offense to a political stance on their wrestling program.

Punk has never been afraid to speak his mind. He also wore a similar abortion rights shirt when AEW was in Texas previously. He recently shared a photo of himself wearing a pro-choice shirt on Instagram shortly after a leaked draft which indicated that the high court was poised to overturn the Roe vs. Wade decision, which made abortion a constitutional right.

One social media user criticized Punk for his stance and asked whether he was going to cry if Roe is overturned. Punk responded honestly with “a little bit, yeah” and then explained more of his stance while speaking to TMZ in March.

For my wife, my sisters, for mothers and women who are helplessly watching their rights over their own bodies stripped away by elite, rich white, terrorist religious fascists. Being human means I cry when injustices masquerade as religious right. HER BODY, HER CHOICE.


It seems that fans are still upset at Punk. He posted an Instagram story of a DM he received from a fan saying, “keep your politics out of wrestling.” Punk didn’t reply directly to this fan, because he didn’t even accept his request. He did post it for all to see with his own response over the DM screenshot: “I’ll keep politics out of wrestling as soon as you keep politics out of Vaginas.”

Whichever side you’re on there’s no debating that CM Punk is someone who always lets his opinions out in the open. Whether it’s on WWE or AEW programming,

Punk isn’t afraid to call something out even when it ends up with him getting dragged on social media by some. Now that Punk has appeared twice on AEW wearing an abortion rights shirt in Texas, you can probably bet he’ll do the same the next time the company visits the Lone Star State.

What do you make of Punk’s Instagram exchange? Sound off in the comments section below.

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