Drake Wuertz has become infamous in professional wrestling circles for his far-right stance on various issues. Wuertz has been effectively blackballed from mainstream wrestling due to his ideas aligning with the debunked QAnon moment. He is currently running for seat in the Florida State Legislature.

A strong anti-abortion stance is the number one issue for Drake Wuertz’s campaign. He reacted very negatively when CM Punk showed up on this week’s AEW Dynamite wearing shirt with a pro-choice slogan. This morning, he claimed to have spoken to CM Punk on his “Uncanceled” podcast.

“I got a text this morning and it said, ‘Hey, it’s Phil Brooks, do you want to discuss your issues with me over the phone?’ So I called him, and he proceeded to say, ‘It’s a clump of cells,’ you know? Just that tired narrative. No, it’s not. No, it’s not. Life begins at conception. That child is a valid life.”

An email to a wrestling news outlet has been making its way around the internet where a fan admitted to the prank. The writer of the note said he texted the Wuertz campaign on a whim from a burner phone pretending to be CM Punk. He convinced Wuertz to discuss the issue with him, even leaving several hints that the whole thing was a fraud.


Drake discussed the talk he had with the alleged CM Punk on his show. The episode is still online, despite the widely-circulated email. Wuertz said he had a civil discussion and put Punk over, saying that pro wrestling is a “brotherhood bond” that he will never break.

CM Punk has not commented on the matter. It seems likely that this was, in fact, a prank. In this case, it was Drake Wuertz who got Punked.

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Michael Perry

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