Drake Wuertz made headlines for months, but it had nothing to do with his work as a referee on NXT. He took part in many extracurricular activities outside of the company that made a lot of people pay attention, because he was spreading some concerning rhetoric.

Wuertz fell down the QAnon rabbit hole in a hurry. He spoke out against mask mandates, spreading unfounded conspiracy theories all the while. He even missed an episode of NXT television prior to his release so he could argue against mask mandates at a school board meeting.

While speaking on a Fireside Chat, Drake Younger revealed when he started to feel a shift against him in WWE. He also had some people he wanted to blame in the “woke cancel culture” that was attacking him.

“November, right around the election. It all started with woke cancel culture that just wants to attack people because they have views they don’t agree with. It started specifically with me and WWE was when David Bixenspan started attacking me. That’s when the ball got rolling.”


Wuertz also claimed to not be a part of QAnon, and he has no affiliation with the Proud Boys either.

He was reportedly suspended from WWE NXT, but it had nothing to do with his activities outside of the black and gold brand. They had a COVID scare and he needed to stay at home for a quarantine.

“A month before WrestleMania, I get a call from my department head, Scott Armstrong, who says, ‘Somebody tested positive at work, we’re asking everyone to quarantine.’ I called him back and was like, ‘I have stuff to do. I’m not sick. I tested negative. I haven’t been around anyone.’ I told him I had church, the Walk For Life, and I coach my son’s baseball team. Those responsibilities were more important to me than pleasing WWE. I told him, ‘No, I’m not staying home.’ I got a call saying, ‘You’re off TV for two weeks, you violated quarantine.’ ‘For going to church?’ They refused to answer.”

Wuertz also stated that he saw his WWE release coming. WWE is cutting a lot of people across the company and his name was a part of a spree of NXT releases.

Drake Younger is doing his own thing now and already taking pro wrestling bookings. He’s getting back to action, and he’s also not going take the “woke cancel culture” lightly. He is no longer with WWE, so odds are he will continue to be even more outspoken as time goes on.

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