There are two ‘Jokers’ set to debut on Dynamite today as part of the Owen Hart Tournament. Speculation is rife as to who is going to debut today, and discussion is hot on this. One former WWE superstar is completely ruled out from a debut for AEW though.

Athena (formerly Ember Moon), who some thought would debut for the Women’s Bracket, is currently live streaming on her Twitch channel. She said on her stream that she is not debuting for AEW. She is also answering chat questions, so it’s a live stream and nothing pre-recorded to pull the wool over the fans’ eyes.

At this point, the only way she can debut at Dynamite is if she can teleport. She is stated to be 4 hours away from Dynamite in Houston, so it’s not likely going to happen.

It is also to be noted, Tony Khan said on Busted Open Radio that the two Jokers will be debuting for AEW. We will have to see what kind of surprises AEW brings this week as they are seemingly debuting new talent on a weekly basis at this point.


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Anirudh Cherukuri

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