WWE hoped to take the NXT brand back on the road as early as last Summer. Those plans didn’t work out. WWE didn’t believe that the developmental brand would be significant draw.

At some point, NXT will have to get on the road again. Other than the Stand and Deliver show in Dallas, most of the young stars of the colorful brand haven’t wrestled in front of a different audience. On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about WWE’s plans to get NXT out on tour.

“We’ve been talking about this for months and months and months and obviously, it’s needed. In fact, there have been talks and it’s not “official official,” but they’re probably going to start touring relatively soon. Of course, I heard that last year. There was a time where it was like, ‘It’s about to happen,’ and then they didn’t pull the trigger.

But, it’s back into the talking stage and serious talking. There’s, like I said, nothing official, but the belief is that they will be touring. I can’t imagine with this crew that they would tour nationally. I think it’s probably just the Florida shows, but that’s what I was talking about before. It’s like, just run a couple Florida shows, give these people some ring time, get them to learn how to wrestle in a non-television format, and things like that.


It’s like, in those Florida arenas, they’re only going to draw two or three hundred anyway. That’s the size of the buildings that they were using before. I’m sure that if you’re doing something like this, you can draw two or three hundred people. It’s not like, ‘We’re going to Milwaukee and we gotta draw a thousand people.’ That might be difficult with this crew, but drawing two hundred or three hundred people in these small Florida places. And maybe you won’t. You’ll draw two hundred. Maybe you won’t draw four hundred. Whatever it is, what’s the difference? Financially, it’s not any kind of a big outlay or anything like that. It’s just something that they need to do and it looks like they’ll be doing it soon. But, often they’ll say that and… Sometimes things move very slowly there.”

WWE has backed out on an NXT road trip already since the company returned to live events. Time will tell if it does happen. Fans of the brand have been itching to see their favorites in person, and this could be their first chance in a long time.

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Michael Perry

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