Roman Reigns has been the subject of a lot of fan speculation in recent days. It was reported that Reigns restructured his contract with WWE and would be making fewer appearances. There has been plenty of confusion regarding exactly what SmackDown’s top star’s schedule will look like.

Dave Meltzer discussed what is going on with Roman Reigns on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. He gave a full rundown of Roman’s expected appearances. It was noted that Reigns is expected to be around more than Brock Lesnar, but not by much.

“Basically, Roman Reigns is not going to be on every pay-per-view. He’s off the Chicago show… He will be doing pay-per-views this Summer. Even though he was removed from all the advertising after June 24, I believe it is, yeah, June 24 in Austin… But he’s been removed from all advertising from house shows, TVs, everything except for the two stadium shows.

But, he will do TVs to build up those shows. So, it’s not like he’s not going to be on TV, but he’s not going to be doing a lot of dates and from what I understand, the shows he will be on eventually, they’ll start advertising him. The dates will be known, it’s not like it’s going to be like, they’re going to put him on TV without advertising him. But, that’s the basic situation.”


I think he’s going to be on more shows than Lesnar, but not appreciably more. No singles champion. When he was in the pay-per-view, he said after the pay-per-view that this may be the last time he does a six-man tag with the Usos. So, he’s not planning on anything like that. The next championship match will be July the 2nd. So, they have all these house shows with no champion.”

Roman Reigns currently holds the undisputed men’s championship in WWE. Having him off this many shows might hurt the live gate a little going forward. That said, there are still plenty of big matches coming up involving the Big Dog.

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Michael Perry

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