NXT had a lot of success as a touring brand when it was being run by Triple H. The pandemic set in during early 2020 and things changed in a huge way. It would be a long time before WWE hit the road again. With the exception of the upcoming NXT: Stand and Deliver event in Dallas, the brand hasn’t been outside of Orlando at all.

There have been discussions about taking NXT back on the road. As a developmental promotion, even small shows like the old “Florida Loop” would be beneficial. NXT wrestlers perform in front of basically the same crowd every week.

There is a simple reason that WWE hasn’t taken NXT 2.0 on tour. Dave Meltzer discussed it on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. WWE just doesn’t think the brand will draw fans.

“Even with NXT now, WWE no longer tours NXT because they obviously do not feel that they can tour NXT and run separate NXT shows with people paying and it be cost effective. In the case of NXT, that’s a bad one, because NXT is all about being developmental and the guys need reps and even WWE would not run a Florida loop or anything. They would not run any paying house shows for NXT right now. The only shows are the ones that they have to do which are the TVs and they don’t even sell tickets to that show, they just let people in that are friends.”


More events would help the young talent that is being groomed in NXT. It would give fans something more to connect to than two hours of television and the occasional premium live event. WWE would love to make it work.

At this time it just doesn’t make sense from a cost-benefit standpoint to take NXT on tour. That could change as the pandemic wanes and more people are comfortable attending live events. We will have to wait and see if NXT heads back out on the road or remains primarily a television property.

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Michael Perry

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