Darby Allin is certainly one of the top stars in AEW and has cemented himself as one of the Four Pillars in the company. His tag team with Sting remains one of the best things about AEW television lately. He was also criticized for bringing Sting down with his lackluster promos.

Darby Allin is a former TNT Champion as he beat Cody Rhodes to win the title last year. Allin had several matches as he defended the championship on a regular basis before losing it to Miro.

Ahead of his match against Jeff Hardy in the quarterfinal match of the Owen Hart Foundation Men’s tournament, Darby Allin cut a promo alongside Sting to hype the match.

While speaking on the Jim Cornette Experience podcast, Jim Cornette blasted Darby Allin for bringing Sting down with his lackluster promos.


”Darby did a promo about the match, and in that monotone, boring voice, where he sounds like a hypnosis victim. He said it was going to be a real special night, and then Sting reinforced that for 10 seconds he didn’t haul. He didn’t beat his chest. He did not say it is showtime. He has now adopted Darby Allin’s promo style, which is act like you are just talking in your sleep and say nothing.

So now, instead of Sting bringing Darby up, Darby is bringing Sting down. Does Allin talk like this in real life? And if he does, can anybody hear him? And why would anybody listen to him?”

We will have to wait and see who will come out on top between Darby Allin and Jeff Hardy. For many fans, this is a true dream match that they will certainly love to watch.

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