Cody Rhodes made his expected comeback to WWE at WrestleMania 38. There, The American Nightmare defeated Seth Rollins and got a huge reaction from the WWE Universe. Cody then returned to Monday Night Raw last night to address the audience.

The American Nightmare said that coming back to WWE was an easy decision. Rhodes cut a promo about how his father never got to win the WWE title and that he was now ready to fulfill his family’s destiny. It appears the decision was easy because WWE gave Cody the deal he was looking for.

Dave Meltzer talked about Cody’s decision to jump from AEW to WWE on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. Under the terms of his WWE contract, Cody Rhodes will be able to continue to pursue outside projects. That is a rare occurrence for a WWE superstar.

“It was an easy decision if he could get the deal that he wanted, and he got the deal that he wanted. He got this complex deal that allows him to do outside things that a lot of people don’t have the ability to do. So, you know, that was part of it.


I don’t know all of the things that he’s got, but I know that he’s got that. I know that he can do the TV shows. He can do Go Big Show if he wants to and if they want him, and there’s no guarantee that they will still want him, but, you know, they might, and he can do whatever. Not Rhodes to the Top because Rhodes to the Top was an AEW show, but Go Big Show is a WarnerMedia show, but AEW has nothing to do with it.”

Cody Rhodes looks to be gunning straight for a major title in WWE. The company also welcomed Rhodes back by having Seth Rollins shake his hand without incident. WWE fans are looking forward to seeing what is next for the first major AEW defector to jump ship to WWE.

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