Big E had to leap numerous hurdles over the years during his time in WWE as he had a lot of hardships to overcome. He eventually found a lot of success, both as a tag team as well as a singles star. Becky Lynch also gave Big E massive props for a good reason.

Big E is known for his power of positivity and almost limitless energy, trying to spread joy and cheer wherever he goes. Despite at, he had a very tough time dealing with mental health issues when he was younger.

Becky Lynch herself has dealt with severe depression, which led to her taking a long break from pro wrestling. While speaking to Rick Ucchino of Cagesideseats, Becky Lynch talked about issues with mental health. She also gave massive props to Big E for talking about mental health issues and being a source of inspiration.

That means the world. And so I think that’s the thing is that we forget how universal those doubts are. And how close overcompensation of confidence can be, to just crippling insecurity, you know? And so we don’t realize that the biggest stars that you see on your TV are doubting themselves and worrying that their stuff isn’t good enough. That they’re not good enough. That they’re old news, that they’re has been. It’s a constant battle. And especially when you’re bombarded and we’re all constantly bombarded by so much negativity and doubt. You have to find a way to filter that constantly. And my way of doing it is saying, ‘Oh, they win. They win. If they get me to doubt myself, then they win and they can’t win, cause I’m a winner.’ But yeah, it’s just such a universal thing.


t’s so good that we’re getting to a point where we’re talking a lot more about mental health, because I think so many people battle with it, but it’s not something you can see. So, I love that people are talking about it and anything that people can draw inspiration from… Big E for example, has been such a champion of it lately. And I mean, you meet Big E and he is package of love. You could not say a bad word about him. One of the most talented people I’ve ever come across in my life, he is beloved by world around and he is somebody who’s also dealt with insecurities, with doubt. But he talks about it. And man, what a champion and just showing you what’s possible and how wonderful a person you can be when you address these things. Although I don’t think Big E’s ever been anything other than just fricking the best.”

Big E even wanted to take his own life when he was younger. Mental health is a serious topic and it is certainly something that should be discussed more in general, especially in the pro wrestling world.

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