Bret Hart has been blasting Goldberg in the media any chance he gets lately. Goldberg infamously gave Bret a concussion with a botched kick that many blame for ending Hart’s in-ring career. Bret has been heavily criticizing Goldberg as an unsafe worker ever since.

The rhethoric has heated up in the lead up to WrestleMania 38. Bret recently said that Goldberg was the most unprofessional wrestler in the business. Bret Hart’s most recent insult tops even that.

Bret did a virtual signing with Highspots recently. During the broadcast, Bret compared Goldberg to famed long-time WWE jobber Barry Horowitz. Hart believes Barry deserves to be in the Hall of Fame before Goldberg.

“Personally, I think Barry Horowitz should be in the Hall of Game whereas Bill Goldberg shouldn’t be. Barry Horowitz was a really good wrestler. Never hurt anybody, ever, was always a pro in there every night.


That’s a guy that should be in the Hall of Fame. Bill Goldberg hurt every body he worked with. What’s he in there for? I don’t understand it. Barry was a really good wrestler, he really was, especially for beginners and stuff. He was a guy that could go in there and get you through a match.”

Bret Hart will be in Dallas for WrestleMania weekend. The Canadian star is probably happy that he won’t have to see Goldberg wrestle. It is likely that the Hitman has more to say about Goldberg before the WWE mega event is over.

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