MJF is a polarizing figure within the wrestling business. His self-centered attitude, disparaging remarks toward fans, and unruly behavior rubs fans and wrestlers the wrong way. MJF always seems dedicated to his gimmick. We’ve yet to MJF act out of character and that’s not changing.

Ariel Helwani conducted an interview with the AEW star this week. The two discussed numerous topics including The Salt of the Earth’s contract.

The 26-year old announced that his contract will AEW officially expires on January 1, 2024. MJF has shown the willingness to experiment as a free agent. MJF spoke on how much of a draw he is, and how his star power makes him one of the best in pro wrestling history.

“So when you’re as talented, as over, and as much of a draw as me, if I want to I can bite off Tony Khan’s fingers. He knows where his bread is buttered,” MJF said. “And if that offends somebody in the locker room, which I know it does, oh well, cry about it. Get more over than me. Oh wait, that’s right, you can’t. Because I’m literally the best talker in the business, and one of the best wrestlers in the history of the business bell to bell.


Maxwell proceeded to explain the primary reason why he entered the wrestling business. He also conveyed knowledge that WWE is very interested in potentially signing him. He claims to have notice online leaks, but won’t disclose for legal reasonings.

“But I didn’t get into this business to hit moves. I got into this business to make money. That’s why I got into this business. So that’s why I’m not afraid to talk about when my contract is up, January 1st, 2024, and I’m not afraid to stir that pot.”

“Again, I know for a fact. It’s already been leaked several times. And even if it wasn’t leaked, I would have known. But legally, I cannot discuss why.”

MJF remains a prominent figure in All Elite Wresting. It is unclear where he’ll go in 2024, so in the meantime, fans will enjoy whatever he does in the ring.

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