Johnny Knoxville has been one of Hollywood’s most improbable success stories. The sixth instalment of the Jackass franchise is Jackass: Forever. The series’ title, for the uninformed, tells it all. For laughs, Knoxville and his pals perform stupid and risky things on tape. He is ready for the Rumble tonight, but that will be it for the seasoned television star.

PW Insider reports that Knoxville was originally scheduled to appear on last night’s Smackdown broadcast, but because of weather concerns, the plan was scrapped. He was instead flown straight to St. Louis for the Royal Rumble. For his Rumble debut, he’ll be accompanied by the majority of the Jackass Forever cast.

Knoxville has endeared himself to WWE talent and crew with his willingness to do anything required of him in order to build up to the Rumble match and promote his film during his appearances over the last few weeks. Knoxville personally volunteered to do more appearances than planned if it was judged necessary, according to many sources, and was extremely polite of everyone involved in the process.

Knoxville, unlike other celebrities who have appeared in WWE over the years, did not keep himself separate from the rest of the crew behind the scenes. He jumped immediately into the WWE life, and according to all accounts, he enjoyed his time there as much as everyone else did.


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