Danhausen is one of pro wrestling’s hottest superstars right now. The hysterically creepy wrestler is still healing from a fractured leg sustained at a Halloween-themed independent performance. Danhausen was still added to All Elite Wrestling’s roster, which was a significant milestone for the Internet Wrestling Community.

Tony Khan’s company has signed Danhausen to a full-time dealhausen. After months of speculation, he finally made his Dynamite debut this week when Adam Cole discovered him hiding under the ring by accident. Danhausen’s supporters went crazy for him, and now he has to find his position at AEW.

Earlier this week, Danhausen was seen claiming to be very elite, very evil as he helped his buddy Orange Cassidy to decimate Adam Cole. Most recently Danhausen tweeted that his debut in AEW is almost grazing the one million views milestone. He urged the fans to go and watch it to help it reach the million mark.

Danhausen’s @AEW debut is almost at a million views. Go watch it and get it to a million so then Danhausen gets 1 million human dollars.


Let’s hope Danhausen gets his 1 million human dollars, and a blimp from Tony Khan as well. Dave Honor never came through with that blimp while Danhausen was with ROH.

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