The Nexus had one of the most impactful debuts in WWE history. They had a lot of momentum in the beginning but ultimately got derailed after many booking failures and being completely buried by John Cena back at SummerSlam 2010.

The faction was unlike anything WWE had seen at that point in time, even though it turned out to be wasted potential in the end. Back in May of last year, former WWE Superstar Darren Young revealed the company was working on a documentary on the faction called WWE Untold: The Nexus.

However, it was later reported that WWE nixed the documentary for good. While speaking on the My2Cents podcast, Darren Young, who is now known as Fred Rosser, talked about WWE cancelling the Nexus documentary. Rosser gave his reasons as to why the documentary was nixed.

“One of the reasons why, it could have been Daniel Bryan going to AEW, or it could have been, last May, me wearing my New Japan track jacket on the set of the filming that they invited me to. I didn’t call WWE back, they called me back to be part of this documentary and I said ‘sure, no problem.’ I showed up and planned it out because I knew they were going to ask me to take my jacket off. I wore it proudly and as soon as we started filming — it’s almost like you saying, ‘do you mind if you take off your New Japan compression shirt,’ at the time is was my track jacket.

I would have said, ‘I worked very hard for this New Japan track jacket and you guys just inducted Jushin Liger into the WWE Hall of Fame. If this documentary is supposed to be uncut and uncensored, Nexus style, then let me be me. Ten-plus years later, I’m not some washed up wrestler. I’m still active and active with New Japan and very proud of it. I remember the producer saying, No problem, you sold me on it.’ I also told him that I talked to John Laurinaitis weeks before we did the Nexus interview. He was checking up on me because he originally hired me in 2009. I told him I was going well, with New Japan and making moves, he was the guy that talked to me about possibly doing a collaboration. This was last year. Who knows what’s going to happen as we speak because the landscape of pro wrestling is so major

The majority of the Nexus members have all left WWE to go elsewhere and now it seems many fans will never get to see the documentary featuring the faction.

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