Ryback is a man of huge opinions and even bigger body mass. The powerhouse enjoyed a nice run with WWE and has since moved on to selling nutritional supplements. The Big Guy also runs a nightly online show where he interacts with his fans.

Many have compared Wardlow to Ryback in some ways. They are both hulking monsters with an arsenal built around power moves. Ryback took the similarities a step further.

On the most recent Ryback Show, he talked about the similarities between the match between Wardlow and CM Punk and his own loss to Punk in WWE at Hell in a Cell in 2012.

“I think what they are doing with Wardlow is working. I don’t believe he should have taken the pinfall. I believe you could have achieved everything that they did, which I thought was good and I understand why they did it by continuing the story with him and MJF on the turn eventually with that. Also, continuing the feud with CM Punk and that ongoing saga, but you have a guy on TV now doing the matches and getting over. He is getting over. It took time with him, but I thought this is how he should have been booked from day one in my opinion, but it is still working because people are getting behind it and he is wrestling how he should be wrestling.

I believe they could have done everything they did with that and have MJF barking the orders at him and had Wardlow exit the ring and do the whole deal outside the ring and get a 10-count and be counted out. I believe that would have been better than him taking a pin-fall with a guy that you are making a monster on television that does [not] need to take a pinfall to CM Punk. I am talking first-hand because when I was red-hot I did not need to be taking a pinfall to CM Punk.

It did nothing for me. It does nothing for anyone to take a pinfall by him by the way in this day and age with him. That is just my opinion, but it is what it is. A lot of things were good in that but I did not like him taking the pinfall and I thought he should have been counted out and they could have achieved everything they did and have the confrontation with MJF and they could have done that entire thing to get counted out on that but I am not there and I am just looking at it like everybody else, but I enjoyed what I saw.”

Ryback’s history with CM Punk is very well documented. The Big Guy is hoping to make a return to the wrestling world soon. Ryback has even been name-dropped on Dynamite. It would be interesting to see what could happen if CM Punk had to share a locker room with his former WWE rival.

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