It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. AEW Dynamite will go down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

Start time for AEW Dynamite is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • Interim TNT Championship Match: Sammy Guevara (c) vs. Daniel Garcia
  • CM Punk vs. Wardlow
  • Hikaru Shida vs. Serena Deeb
  • Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Dante Martin
  • The Acclaimed vs. Bear Country
  • Matt Hardy vs. Penta El Zero Miedo

JR welcomes us to the show and Adam Cole is the first man out tonight, accompanied by Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly. Cole gets a mic and asks whos ready for story time with Adam Cole. 2021 was a great year and 2022 will be even better. He hasn’t been pinned in AEW, he hasn’t submitted and he is undefeated in singles competition. The Boys are back together. They are the baddest team in gods Green. It is a new “Era” in AEW.

The Young Bucks make their entrance. Matt says he kicked Covid’s ass in 2 days. Kyle O’Reilly says they didn’t need to Bucks help to beat the super friends. The Bucks say this is their company, they were the longest reigning tag team champions, it is their new years resolution to get their titles back. Fish says they have the same resolution and nobody will stand in their way, including the Bucks. Cole says they need some friendly competition, that is what makes them the very best. Look at the other factions, the Best Friends are an absolute joke.


The Best Friends make their entrance, with Orange Cassidy leading the charge. Cole says what could Cassidy possibly have to say. Cassidy says nothing and takes him down! A huge brawl breaks out between all 3 teams. Cassidy clears the ring but Cole hits him with a low blow. Kris Statlander puts herself in the way to save Orange. Britt Baker runs down to take out Statlander! Baker holds Cassidy while Cole hits him with the Boom. Cole, Fish, O’Reilly, the Bucks and Britt Baker celebrate in the ring. The Bucks go to kiss Cole but Baker stops them and kisses him herself.

A cool video package for Wardlow.

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MJF makes his entrance, he introduces Wardlow. Cult of Personality hits and CM Punk makes his entrance.

CM Punk vs. Wardlow

“CM Punk” chants. Punk leaves the ring, Wardlow follows him out, MJF stands behind Wardlow. Back in the ring, lock up, Wardlow powers Punk to the corner. Punk gets a headlock. Wardlow with a shoulder tackle. Lock up, Punk with strikes, Wardlow with a clubbing forearm. Wardlow with stomps to the back, shoulder tackles in the corner. More strikes from Wardlow, Punk hits kicks to the thigh, goes for the GTS but Wardlow escapes and sets up a Powerbomb, Punk escapes the ring.

Picture in Picture.

Wardlow whips Punk hard into the corner, throws Punk across the ring. Punk escapes another powerbomb, high kick, clothesline, another clothesline, a third, Punk with short clotheslines, then a springboard clothesline finally knocks Wardlow off his feet. Punk with a high knee in the corner, Wardlow catches him and hits a powerbomb!

Wardlow hits another powerbomb. A third powerbomb, a forth, a fifth! Wardlow covers, 1, 2, MJF stops the count… MJF says he wants more. Wardlow looks pissed. Wardlow sets up another powerbomb and hits it. MJF says do it again, Wardlow hits another powerbomb. On the outside, MJF sets up the timekeepers table and tells Wardlow to powerbomb Pun through it. Wardlow powerbombs Punk through the table. MJF celebrates on the apron.

the ref counts Punk out, but Punk makes it back into the ring at 9. MJF tells Wardlow to powerbomb him again! Punk is dead weight. but Punk gets a quick inside cradle, 1, 2, 3!


MJF looks pissed, tells them to cut Punk’s music. MJF shouts at Wardlow. He pushes Wardlow, Wardlow grabs MJF, MJF backs away as Spears runs down to calm things down. Wardlow leaves as Spears and MJF follow.

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Powerhouse Hobbs makes his entrance, accompanied by Ricky Starks. Taz joins commentary and Dante Martin is out next. Martin and Hobbs brawl on the ramp.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Dante Martin

Martin hits high kicks, hits a crossbody sending both men out of the ring. Martin with a dropkick, Hobbs catches a splash and hits Martin with a spinebuster on the outside. Hobbs throws Martin back in the ring, Hobbs hits a front suplex, then another front suplex. Martin hits body shots but Hobbs floors him with a clothesline.

Hobbs with right hands, Martin with kicks from underneath, Hobbs with clubbing blows. Hobbs goes for the rack but Martin escapes. Hobbs hits a huge crossbody. Hobbs covers, 2 count. Hobbs with an uppercut in the corner, and a hard whip sending Martin out of the ring. Starks attacks Martin on the outside.

Picture in Picture.

Hobbs wit right hands, Martin hits a desperate right hand, staggering Hobbs. Martin with a high boot, Hobbs catches Martin in the rack, Martin escapes and hits a kick to the back of the head. Martin hits a missile dropkick, cover, 2 count. Martin hits a springboard spinning splash to the outside. Martin with a running boot, Hobbs hits a crossbody.

Starks goes to attack Martin but Jay Lethal runs down to stop him. Martin hits the Nosedive on Hobbs, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Dante Martin!

Marvez is backstage with Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle. Jericho says its an honour to be faction of the year. Since day one they promised to dominate this company and be the biggest band of blood brother in this business. Eddie Kingston walks in and says mind you business, he wants Garcia and Santana and Ortiz aren’t tag champions because of Jericho. Jericho says they are family, Ortiz tells them to get their sh*t together. Jericho says he will be in Sammy’s corner, if Kingston gets involved he will kick his ass.

MJF comes out the entrance tunnel shouting “No!” MJF says he knows Punk is in a world of pain, “Asshole” chants, MJJ says Punk got powerbombed to oblivion, but Punk isn’t winning next week. Next week he will give us the match we have all been waiting for. Next week its CM Punk vs… Shawn Spears!

Cole, Bucks and Fish and O’Reilly are backstage. they say they have whipped Best Friends asses over and over again. Baker walks in and say they will challenges Orange and Statlander to a mixed tag match next week.

Hangman Page makes his entrance. Page says he has spilled blood and poured sweat for the AEW World championship and it is still his. 90 minutes isn’t enough, its a new year, and the Hangman needs a new challenger. Dan Lambert makes his entrance. Page says “Shoot me.” Lambert goes through some old school champions, Page says if Scorp or Page want a title, they can come to him themselves. Lambert says he is here to compliment Page, the matches with Danielson were some of the best he has ever seen. Lambert says he has earned everything he has got. Except the gimmick he has, he isn’t a real cowboy, keep the title, the money and the adulation but stop disrespecting old school tough guys, it is cowboy shit.

Lambert goes to leave but Lance Archer runs down and goes after Lambert, Lambert hides behind Page, Archer hits Page with a big lariat, and Lambert escapes. Archer attacks Page with a chair. Archer hits Page with the Blackout through a chair!

Tony Schiavone is with Arn Anderson, Lee Johnson and Brock Anderson. Arn says Brock and Lee Johnson will be a hell of a tag team. Arn says he wants them to experience horseman country. Tully Blanchard comes in and says if they want to experience horseman country they need to get rid of the dead weight in Arn Anderson. Dax challenges them to a tag match next week. Arn and Tully shake hands.

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Video package for Jade Carghill. Hikaru Shida makes her entrance. Serena Deeb attacks her from behind! Deeb takes out the knee, attacking Shida with a Kendo Stick. Deeb slams Shida knee onto the steel steps. Deeb celebrates in the ring. An injured Shida tries to gets in the ring. Shia gets in the ring and tells the ref to ring the bell.

Hikaru Shida vs. Serena Deeb

Deeb attacks Shida in the corner, Deeb focuses on the leg with a dragon screw, Deeb slams onto Shida’s knee. Shida tries to fight back but Deeb with kicks to the knee and another dragon screw. Deeb tears off Shida kneepad, Deeb slams Shida’s knee into the mat and locks in a half crab. The ref stops the match!

WINNER: Serena Deeb!

Deeb locks pissed and gets the Kendo Stick, Deeb swings the Kendo Stick at the ref and the doctors and attacks Shida with the Kendo Stick. More refs run down to stop Deeb attacking Shida.

Tony Schiavone is with Christian Cage and Jurassic Express. cage says its music to his ear to see them at Tag Team Champion. Jungle Boy says they will work to keep these titles. Silver and Reynolds walk in, says they are in the top 5. They challenge Jurrassic Express to a match on Rampage.

Matt Hardy is in the ring, along with Private Party. Hardy says he is sorry Penta’s brother got injured, but his downfall began when his team of 5 defeated his team of 5 a few weeks ago. Hardy says he will delete Penta and sent Penta to the hospital along side Fenix. Penta makes his entrance.

Matt Hardy vs. Penta El Zero Miedo

Hardy and Penta go back and forth with their taunts. Penta takes his glove off, hits a back kick, Hardy takes down Penta, Penta hits a superkick. Penta with an overhand chop, another overhand chop in the corner.

Picture in Picture.

Penta with a high kick, slingblade, another slingblade, Penta hits a backbreaker, cover, 2 count. Hardy hits a DDT, cover, 2 count. Hardy with a right hand, shots in the corner, Penta kicks out the ankle and hits a stomp off the top rope, cover, 2 count. Shots back and forth on the apron, Hardy blocks a Fear Factor, Hardy hits the Side Effect on the apron. Hardy covers, 2 count. Penta blocks the Twist of Fate, hits an enziguri, Hardy knocks Penta off the turnbuckles, and misses a moonsault!

Penta hits a kick to the midsection, Penta hits the Fear Factor, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Penta El Zero Miedo!

Alex says Malakai Black, Penta has a message for you. Penta say he will show you respect. The lights cut out… Black is in the ring, he takes out Alex and attacks Penta. Penta hits a superkick, Black hits Black Mass, Black tears at Penta’s mask, the Varsity Blonds run down and attack Black. AA 3 on 1 beat down of Black. Black laughs at them as the light cut out again.

Brodie King appears in the ring! He takes out Pillman, Garrison and Penta! He hits a cannonball senton on Pillman, Black throws him Pillman and he hits a powerslam. The Kings of the Black Throne have arrived.

Schiavone is will Red Velvet, Layla Hirsch and Kris Statlander. Hirsh says Statlander is being selfish, she should be focusing on their match on Rampage, Statlander says she can handle it, back off. Velvet says if they stand a chance at winning on Friday, they need to work together.

The Acclaimed make their entrance. Bear Country are already in the ring.

The Acclaimed vs. Bear Country

Bear Country with double shoulder blocks, bodyslam, them gorilla press, big splash from Bear Country. Splash in the corner, big back elbow, Bowen escapes a slam, hits chops and kicks on Bronson, Caster hits a diving crossbody.

Picture in Picture.

Bowen with a big knee, but he cant pick up Bronson, Bronson crushes Bowen with a sit out splash. Boulder hits bodyslam on both the Acclaimed. Boulder hits a double End Of Days on the Acclaimed. Bowens pulls Caster out of the way of a big splash. Bowens with a rolling elbow strike, Caster rolls up Bronson, 2 count. Bronson misses a splash in the corner, Bowens drops him on the top rope, Caster hits the Mic Drop Elbow off the top, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: The Acclaimed!

The lights cut out and Sting makes his entrance! Sting comes out with a baseball bat. The Acclaimed back away but Darby Allin comes form behind them and hits them with the skateboard. Sting smashes Bowens boombox with his bat. Darby hits the Coffin Splash in the corner to Caster. Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop on Caster.

A video package of a blinded Pac. Pac says his vision has never been so clear.

Commentary runs down the card for Rampage and next weeks Dynamite. Up next, our main event.

Commercial Break.

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Private Party. Hardy says something needs to change. Andrade walks in and give them water, says they need to focus. He is a businessman., he wants to make a deal, Hardy says he is intrigued, lets talk.

Justin Roberts introduces our main event. Daniel Garcia makes his entrance. Chris Jericho and Eddie Kingston are at ringside. The Interim TNT Champion, Sammy Guevara makes his entrance.

Interim TNT Championship Match: Sammy Guevara (c) vs. Daniel Garcia

Lock up, Guevara with a headlock takeover, Garcia with a big right hand. Garcia with an uppercut, back elbow, snapmare, kick to the back, Guevara gets right back up and hits a kick to the spine, Guevara with a palm strike. Guevara hits a spinning senton to the outside. Guevara with a big chop, more chops in the corner. Guevara with a snap suplex, cover, not even a 1 count. Garcia hits a backbreaker.

Picture in Picture.

Garcia with a shot to the back, Guevara with a lariat, shoulder tackle in the corner and an enziguri. Garcia escapes the ring but Guevara hits a senton to the outside! Garcia drops Guevara on the turnbuckle, a clubbing lariat and a backdrop driver, cover, 2 count. Guevara with a inside cradle, 2 count. Garcia blocks the GTH, Garcia gets a Scorpion Death Lock! Garcia wrenches back, Guevara gets to the ropes.

Guevara with a backdrop, Garcia misses a splash in the corner, Guevara hits the CrossRhodes! Guevara cover, 2 count. Garcia catches Guevara in a Chickenwing! Garcia with a headlock takeover, a piledriver, cover, 1, 2, kick out! Guevara hits an enziguri, 2point0 run down and jump Kingston and Jericho, throwing Jericho into the barricade. Guevara with a big knee strike, Garcia with a rollup, 2 count, Sammy hits the GTH, cover, 1, ,2, 3!

WINNER: “And Still” Interim TNT Champion, Sammy Guevara!

David Crockett hands Guevara the title, 2point0 attack Guevara. Jericho runs in with the baseball bat and takes out 2point0! Kingston and Jericho argue as Dynamite goes off the air!

Martin Dickinson

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