Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green rang in the new year by getting married in Las Vegas. Joey Janela set out to ruin their celebration by making a hilarious call back to a WWE storyline from the 1990’s. Cardona received a package in the mail from The Bad Boy that he believed was a wedding gift. It turned out to be much more controversial.

Janela’s gift was called a ploy by Cardona to get him to return to GCW where he had an incredible heel run as an anti-death match representative who came from WWE. When he opened the box, Matt found several pictures of Joey and Chelsea hanging out by a pool.

The storyline recalls a 1992 bit where Ric Flair doctored similar photos to make Randy Savage think he was seeing Elizabeth. The poses are almost identical in one of the pictures. The Cardona-Green-Janela storyline is still ongoing, and it has led to a new piece of merchandise.

Earlier today, Cardona asked Green why the alleged photo was on a t-shirt. That item is now available to purchase from ProWrestlingTees. Chelsea Green then requested that the company take the shirt offline before people start ordering it.


The entire saga has been fun to watch unfold. Chelsea has been doing a lot to get her name out there. Joey Janela and Matt Cardona are likely enjoying playing along.

The funny business comes to an end tomorrow for Green. The hot mess has a historic battle on her hands. Chelsea will compete in Impact Wrestling’s first ever Knockout’s Ultimate X match. If things go well, it will be just another reason for fans to get behind Chelsea Green.

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