Tony Khan turned a lot of heads when he recently said that Big Swole wasn’t re-signed by AEW because she wasn’t a good wrestler. Fans and several AEW employees believed Khan’s comments were short-sighted. Swole had made a previous comment about the fact that she believes AEW needed to work on their diversity.

A firestorm of discussion broke out regarding the issue of diversity in wrestling. Khan defended his company by pointing out that there are many cultural representations on the roster. Some believed that Swole’s take was nothing more than sour grapes.

Jim Cornette counts himself among those who agree with Khan. The wrestling legend discussed the situation on his latest Drive Thru podcast. Cornette thinks Swole was let go simply because she’s a crummy wrestler.

“In all honesty, the problem basically is that this girl was not a good wrestler. And got more chances to be not a good wrestler than she should’ve got. And then comes out and says, ‘Well, it’s not diverse enough and there’s no structure.’


Unless they started a wrestling training program… Oh, they’ve got one! I guess it was available to her. Maybe she didn’t go to it. I’m not saying the Nightmare Factory could perpetrate miracles, but again. You know, there’s a lot of, as Tony said, black and brown and all of the other kind of color people in the rainbow there. And almost nobody’s been released. And, it’s not like it’s new news that their women’s division has been booked like you f*ckin’ took everybodys name, wrote it down on a piece of paper, and shoved it into a f*ckin’ blender. But that wouldn’t have made Big Swole a good wrestler if it hadn’t.

So, this is a heel program, I think. You’ve got her complaining because she’s complaining, and you’ve got him going off the deep end on Twitter.”

Tony Khan believed that it wasn’t worth paying Big Swole if she couldn’t perform to his standards. Several AEW stars came to the owner’s defense. Jim Cornette is never shy about bashing the promotion when he believes they deserve it. Corny fully agrees with Khan on this issue.

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