It’s a new year and NXT is celebrating with New Year’s Evil on January 4th, and Ringside News has you covered with live play-by-play results coverage. Start time for NXT is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below.

New Year’s Evil is, for all intents-and-purposes, a PPV, and so all NXT titles are on the line. Bron Breakker is getting a second shot at the NXT Championship and Tommaso Ciampa seems a little worried. Ciampa has done his best to get in the mind of Breakker but it seemingly hasn’t worked, so will we see a brash, young star take the title from the veteran tonight?

And that seems to be the theme of tonight’s show, with Carmelo Hayes facing veteran Roderick Strong in a title unifcation match (Cruiserweight and North American), Cora Jade faces Mandy Rose and Raquel Gonzalez in a Triple Threat in the hopes of winning the NXT Women’s Championship, and MSK, with Riddle, will challenge Imperium with their leader, Walter. That’s not all however, as the Phenomenal AJ Styles has his first NXT match against Grayson Waller.

And that’s the preview for tonight’s NXT New Year’s Evil. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!


New Year’s Evil

NXT New Year’s Evil opens with a video package that highlights all of the upcoming matches on tonight’s show. We go live to the Capitol Wrestling Centre and out comes Carmelo Hayes, flanked by Trick Williams. Hayes is wearing a Roderick Strong shirt that he takes off and walks over.

North American Championship/Cruiserweight Championship

Championship Unification Match

Carmelo Hayes W/Trick Williams Vs. Roderick Strong W/Diamond mine

They lock-up and jockey for control around the ring. Hayes forces Strong to the ropes and let’s go, then tells him he’s got him. They lock-up again and this time Hayes catches Strong with a dropkick. Strong takes him down with a side headlock but Hayes gets out with a headscissors, then they go back-and-forth with reversals until Hayes lands a kick to the head.

Hayes chops the chest hard, then ducks four chops from Strong and grabs a headlock. Strong shoots him off and Hayes turns into a chop that drops him. Strong chops him a few more times and Hayes rolls outside but he goes after him and chops him against the barricade. Back in the ring and Strong beats Hayes with rights and lefts.

Hayes leaps over Strong, then hangs him up in the ropes and hits a kick to the back, then a springboard leg drop. Strong is sent to the apron where Hayes leaps over the ropes and connects with a DDT. Hayes gets Roddy back inside but gets caught with a running boot for a near-fall. Both men are down as we head to the break.

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Back live and Strong catches Hayes with a backbreaker, then another and Malcolm Bivens is loving it. Roddy whips Hayes to the ropes but gets caught with a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Hayes grabs a crossface but Strong quickly escapes and attempts a catapult but Hayes blocks it and grabs a Boston crab. Strong breaks free and applies the Stronghold to Hayes.

Hayes gets out of the Stronghold but Roderick catches him with another backbreaker. Strong knocks Hayes back to the ropes and hits running forearms, followed by an Angle slam for a near-fall. Hayes blocks Strong in the corner, then rolls through a sunset flip and hits a cutter for a near-fall. Strong looks for the suplex backbreaker but Hayes lands on his feet and superkicks him.

Hayes goes up top but Roddy connects with an enziguiri. The fans chant for Strong as he climbs the ropes and hits Hayes with an super X-plex! Oddly, Hayes covers Strong following the move but Strong kicks out. Carmelo goes back to the top rope and hits a huge leg drop to the back of Strong’s head and scores the pinfall!

Winner and New Unified North American Champion: Carmelo Hayes

We see Bron breakker arriving at the arena earlier today. Tommaso Ciampa is backstage holding Goldy when in walks AJ Styles. Ciampa says he looks ready for a fight and Styles says he’s going to take care of Waller, then wishes Ciampa luck in his match.

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The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic is returning to NXT in two weeks times, both for the men and women’s tag divisions.

AJ Styles comes to the ring and grabs a microphone. The fans loudly chant his name and AJ says he never tires of hearing that. He says he’s won a lot of Championships too and thanks the fans for being along for the ride. However we’s also had some regrets. When he first started in WWE he wasn’t in NXT, he debuted at the Royal Rumble and within months he was on WrestleMania.

However there’s something special about NXT. He says it’s the passion the fans have for the Superstars and he doesn’t care if it’s 1.0 or 2.0, passion makes NXT tick. He’ll be damned if someone like Grayson Waller is going to take that passion from the fans. AJ starts to talk about Waller but gets interrupted by the man himself, who doesn’t look ready to wrestle.

Waller says credit where it’s due, AJ is tugging at the heart-strings. Waller says AJ is throwing shade at him to distract from the fact that he got crushed by Omos last night. He says he doesn’t buy the crap that Styles wishes he’d started in NXT. Waller insults a fan and says he won’t let AJ blame his loss last night on a loss tonight. Styles says Waller is right, he’s hurt, so why doesn’t Waller take advantage of that? All they need is a referee and they can do it right now. Waller says they’re on his time, not AJ’s.

Waller says it’s not happening tonight, they need the spotlight. They can do it next week in the main event where he gets the biggest victory of his career. AJ says it will be the biggest embarassment of his career. Waller takes a swing, AJ ducks it and drops him with a right hand. Waller falls out of the ring, so AJ goes out and rolls him back in. Waller attacks Styles as he gets in the ring and mocks him, but AJ hits a Pele kick. Waller throws AJ to the apron and Styles wants a Phenomenal Forearm but Waller rolls from the ring.

Pete Dunne cuts a promo on Tony D’Angelo and says he poked the bear. He holds up a bandaged hand and asks if that’s the best he can do? Dunne says it’s far from over, he isn’t just going to walk away. He’s going to rip his arm out of the socket and stomp his face into the ground. Next week he can face him and try to finish the job. Dunne tells him to bring the crowbar and says he’s going to need it.

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Imperium Vs. MSK & Riddle

Nash Carter starts against Marcel Barthel. Nash is taken down and held in a submission while Barthel poses. Carter flips out of the submission, kicks the shin to drop Barthel, then hits a dropkick. Aichner blind-tags in and catches Carter with an arm-drag. Aichner throws Carter up but gets caught with an arm-drag and Wes Lee tags in.

Lee ducks and dodges Aichner, then hits a headscissors. Lee kicks the gut and tries for another but Aichner rips him in for a huge lariat. Aichner gets a hold of Lee for a minute until he tags riddle and the fans pop. Walter then asks for the tag and he comes in. Riddle forearms Walter and lands a flurry of kicks but Walter catches one and chops his chest. Aichner tags back in and goes to work on Riddle.

Riddle fights up from a headlock and tags Carter but Lee tags himself in right afterwards. MSK run through Barthel and Aichner but Walter comes in and clobbers Nash, then hangs Lee up in the corner and chops his chest. Walter holds Lee on the buckles so Barthel and Aichner can hit stereo dropkicks and Lee falls to the floor. Imperium pose together.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Nash drops Barthel and both men crawl to their corners. Walter tags in and stomps Carter to prevetn the tag, then mocks Riddle. Carter chops at Walter, then rolls under him and looks to make a tag but Barthel and Aichner pull Riddle and Nash off the apron. Walter hits a seated senton to Nash, then lifts him for a powerbomb but gets countered with a Frankensteiner.

Riddle gets the tag and comes in hot against Walter with a flurry of kicks and chops, backing him into the corner. Riddle knocks Barthel off the apron, then catches Walter with an exploder suplex. Riddle hits a senton to Walter, then Barthel and Aichner get on the apron and he looks to hit Randy Orton’s draping DDT to both but Walter attacks him. Walter attempts a German suplex but Riddle lands on his feet, then he and MSK knocks Imperium to the floor.

Riddle goes to the apron and hits a springboard moonsault while Nash and Lee hit stereo suicide dives to wipe out Imperium on the floor! Riddle gets Walter back in the ring and hits a suplex for a near-fall. Riddle gets riled-up and drops to his knees, wanting an RKO but Barthel and Aichner attack MSK on the outside and send them over the announce desk. Walter uses the distraction to attack Riddle, then hit him with a big powerbomb but he kicks out!

Barthel and Aichner work together to hit a toss into a stalling vertical suplex. Aichner covers but Carter breaks it up, so Barthel tosses him from the ring. Walter instructs them to hit the Euro Bomb but Riddle flips Aichner off, catches Barthel with a knee, then hits Walter with a German suplex. Riddle tags Lee and MSK hit a spinebuster/blockbuster. Riddle tags in and hits a floating bro, then catches Barthel with an RKO and scores the win!

Winners: MSK & Riddle

Harland and Joe Gacy are interviewed backstage. Gacy says Harland is working through some things, thinkins about the things people have said about him in the past. Gacy says the two of them competing in the Dusty Cup would make them both happy and they’d love to prove to the committee that they’re a viable team.

We see a helicopter arriving at the Capitol Wrestling Centre and it’s the NXT Women’s Champion, Mandy Rose. She says this is how the Champion arrives. Her match is up next!

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Elektra Lopez is interviewed backstage. She says everyone wants to know what’s going on with her and Xyon Quinn, well they can keep wondering. She joined Legado Del Fantasma because Santos Escobar knew she was a difference maker. Family comes first and she is attracted to success, so she makes no apologies. People still want an answer? well next week Quinn faces Escobar and the winner will leave with her.

NXT Women’s Championship

(C) Mandy Rose Vs. Cora Jade Vs. Raquel Gonzalez

The bell rings and Gonzalez dashes across the ring and boots Cora Jade in the face. Gonzalez attacks Rose as well, then lifts Cora and drops her on the top rope. Rose hits Raquel with a knee and knocks her from the ring. Jade catches Mandy with a rope-assisted tilt-a-whirl headscissors and she rolls from the ring. She tries the same thing on Gonzalez but she’s too strong.

Jade knocks Raquel out of the ring and wants a suicide dive but Rose drags her out of the ring. Rose forearms Jade and runs her backwards into the apron. Raquel then drops Rose with a big boot but Jade knocks her down with a kick. Jade wastes time posing and Rose slings her backwards into the steel steps. Rose gets Jade inside and pins but Raquel drags Cora out of the ring.

Rose goes out and shoves Gonzalez into the steps, the gets back inside and lifts Cora, who rolls her up for a two-count. Gonzalez returns and puts Jade on the top rope and punches her a few times. Raquel lifts Mandy and runs her into Cora, then gets both women on her shoulders and hits a Samoan drop. Both women roll from the ring and Gonzalez can’t make the pinfall.

*Commercial Break*

We return to see Jade hit a sunset flip on Mandy for a two-count. Rose fires back with a lariat for a two-count of her own. Gonzalez body slams Rose, then whips her towards Jade who kicks her. Cora catches Raquel with a headscissors, then hits Mandy with a Frankensteiner. Cora connects with a leaping knee to Raquel against the ropes but Gonzalez counters a bulldog with a backbreaker.

Raquel lifts Jade and military presses her over the ropes and Mandy narrowly avoided being landed on. Raquel tells Mandy to get back in the ring but Rose starts running away. Raquel chases after and brings Mandy back down to the ring. Rose starts begging for forgiveness and mercy but Gonzalez isn’t interested. A clothesline is followed by a forearm to the chest but Rose rolls from the ring.

Raquel gets Rose back in but as she comes through the ropes she gets caught with a Codebreaker for a near-fall. Rose talks trash to Gonzalez but misses a running knee. Raquel grabs her for the Chingona Bomb and covers but Jade comes off the top rope with a senton to the back of Raquel to break it up. Jade laughs as Raquel looks furious.

Gonzalez angrily puts Cora on the top rope and forearms her. Raquel looks for a superplex but Jade slips through her legs and shoves her off to the floor. Jade and Mandy are alone in the ring and Cora attempts a roll-up but Mandy counters with one of her own and gets the pinfall to retain!

Winner: Mandy Rose

MSK and Riddle are outside the arena and Riddle congratulates them on their win. He says he’s happy they’ve gotten this far and it’s time for them to go their separate ways. It isn’t goodbye, it’s see you later and the three of them hug. After Riddle leaves on his scooter, the Creed Brothers appear and tell MSK they plan on winning the Duty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

Andre Chase comes to the ring. He says last week was a teachable moment. He was in deep trouble when one of his students risked life and limb to protect him. That’s the kind of bond they have between the students and faculty at Andre Chase University. He’s very glass Harland didn’t follow through and toss his student off the roof of the CWC. For his heroics and selflessness, Chase wants to recognise the student. A man he is so proud of, a man he has watched grow up and the recipent of the first-ever full scholarship.

Before his student can come to the ring, Von Wagner comes out. Wagner tells the fans to shut up. He says he hears the boos and the negative comments, but when he steps in the ring they love him. They want to tune into watch Von Wagner to see who he beats next. And let’s be real, he only needs to be liked by those who matter and the fans don’t matter. He’s everything they are not, and everything Andre Chase is not.

Chase starts to speak but Wagner hits him with a clothesline, and lands an Angle Slam. Wagner chokes Chase in the corner, then goes out of the ring to confront the student that saved Chase and drags him over the barricade. Wagner then starts pulling “fans” over the barricade and he’s quickly dragged away by security and referees.

*Commercial Break*

We see Von Wagner being escorted out of the building through the trainer’s room where Roderick Strong is icing his shoulder. They exchange a stare.

Cameron Grimes cuts a promo about his 2021. He says it was a year of highs-and-lows, but maybe it’s time he stop chasing green and start chasing gold.

NXT Championship

(C) Tommaso Ciampa Vs. Bron Breakker

They lock-up and Breakker forces Breakker back to the ropes before releasing. Ciampa then forces Bron to the corner and chops him but Breakker just laughs. Breakker whips Ciampa but the Champ comes right back with a clothesline. Ciampa tries to drop under Ciampa but gets caught with a gator roll, then Bron lifts him in the air for a stalling vertical suplex and Ciampa rolls out.

Ciampa grabs Breakker by the foot but Bron drags him back into the ring and hits another stalling suplex. Bron forearms the back but eats an elbow and Ciampa drags his face along the top rope. Breakker fights back and ducks a clothesline but runs into a dropkick. Ciampa stomps Breakker and knocks him out of the ring, then hits a knee to knock him off the apron and a corkscrew plancha to the floor.

Ciampa gets on Bron’s back with a sleeper but Breakker jumps backwards to break the hold. They trade blows and Breakker backs CIampa into the corner so he can hit a splash. Breakker ducks a clothesline and Ciampa jumps at him but he turns it into a powerslam. Bron puts Ciampa on the top rope and climbs up with him but Tommaso knocks him into the tree of woe and kicks him. Ciampa hits a dropkick to the face of Breakker in the tree of woe.

Ciampa wants the Fairytale Ending but Bron fights it and hits a spinebuster. Breakker hits a standing moonsault for a near-fall. Breakker goes to the top rope but has doubts because that’s what cost him the first match, allowing CIampa to chop him and knock him to the floor. Ciampa goes outside and hits a running knee to the head. Ciampa gets Breakker back in the ring and hits another knee to the face.

Ciampa is cut open somehow and hits the ropes but Breakker catches him with a gnarly spear and both men are down. Bron is favouring his knee as both men get up and trade punches. Ciampa punches Breakker backwards and into the corner where he turtles up. Ciampa looks for a running knee but gets caught with a Frankensteiner for a near-fall.

Breakker lifts Ciampa up in a military press and looks to throw him off but Ciampa counters by dragging him through the ropes, then quickly hits Willow’s Bell but Breakker kicks out. Ciampa applies a single leg Boston crab but Bron grabs the ropes. The Champion rolls outside and pulls the padding up from the floor, then drags Breakker under the bottom rope and wants Willow’s Bell on the concrete.

Bron jumps off, lifts him up and hits an Alabama Slam through the announce desk! Breakker gets Ciampa back in the ring and hits the military press into the powerslam and covers…. but Ciampa gets a fingertip on the bottom rope! The fans chant “fight forever!” Ciampa rolls to the apron and, as Bron climbs through the ropes, Ciampa slingshots the ropes into the crotch.

Ciampa drags his kneepad down and hits a running knee to Bron. Ciampa hits two more running knees and the Fairytale Ending…but Breakker kicks out! The fans start barking and Ciampa cannot believe it! Ciampa puts Bron on the top rope and climbs up with him, looking for an air raid crash but Breakekr knocks him off and hits a bulldog from the middle rope. Breakker pulls the straps down and locks in the camel clutch and Ciampa taps!

Winner and New NXT Champion: Bron Breakker

After the match Ciampa and Breakker exchange looks of respect. We see highlights of the match and then Bron Breakker poses on the ropes as the new NXT Champion!

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe.

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