Jeff Hardy remains one of the most respected and beloved pro wrestlers in the history of WWE. Since his return in 2017, he was one of the mainstays of the company and competed in various feuds. Drew McIntyre was around when Jeff Hardy walked out of a match prior to his release, and the former WWE Champion commented on incident.

Drew McIntyre and Jeff Hardy teamed up for a six-man tag team battle alongside Xavier Woods on December 4th. It was at a live event in Edinburg, Texas which would turn out to be Jeff Hardy’s final match in WWE. Hardy was lethargic and the fans noticed it. Then, after he took a beatdown and made the hot tag, Hardy exited the ring and walked out through the crowd.

Hardy made time to take photos with fans as he went over the barricade, according to someone who was backstage during the performance and reached out to our own Paul Davis. Hardy was also believed to not be handicapped.

Hardy was fired by the company a few days later after he allegedly refused their offer of assistance and sent him to rehab. During an interview with DAZN’s Steven Muehlhausen, McIntyre was asked about the incident where he shared his own thoughts.


“For one, as usual, the internet can take something and blow [it] out of proportion. But all I’ll say on the matter is I just want what’s best for Jeff and for him to be healthy. As long as he’s good, as long as he’s healthy, as long as he’s happy with his family, then Drew McIntyre is happy.”

Since then, Jeff has appeared on Matt Hardy’s Twitch feed in a pre-recorded video to promote his current acoustic concert tour. Matt believes WWE acted too quickly in releasing his brother, and a drug test is expected to come back negative.

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