Rich Swann, the 26-year-old wrestler who is a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion, married his wife, Su Yung back on on March 25, 2017. Su Yung just revealed the breaking news that she is pregnant.

Su Yung made the announcement at the end of tonight’s episode of AXS’s IMPACT. Brandi Lauren and Kimber Lee had a talk in the ‘undead realm’ at the end of the December 30th broadcast of IMPACT Wrestling’s weekly episode. Su Yung then approached them and “wiped out” Lauren and Lee.

Yung, whose true name is Vannarah Riggs, later revealed that she is expecting a child. She hasn’t wrested since September. She has been on IMPACT in vignettes and backstage bits on a regular basis.

In 2015, the former two-time Knockouts Champion made his IMPACT debut. She rejoined the organisation in 2018 and has remained on their talent list ever since.


She played the characters of ‘Susie’ and ‘Susan’ on IMPACT TV before returning to the Su Yung character. Su Yung is a figure who combines Susan and Susie’s alter egos into a single persona. Ringside News wishes her congratulations on her pregnancy.

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