WWE tried some big matchups out at their recent Madison Square Garden live event. Wrestling promoters will frequently try out high-profile matches during feuds on the house show circuit. One of those took place on Sunday at the world’s most famous arena. More changes than ever are being made on the fly due to the COVID outbreak within the company. They have even stopped testing wrestlers for the virus.

Omos recently turned his back on AJ Styles. The two were scheduled for a match on Monday’s WWE Raw. Fans didn’t get the advertised bout.

Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez came out instead. Styles went on to defeat Apollo with a Styles Clash. Fans were left to speculate what might have happened that caused plans to change so late in the day. Dave Meltzer talked about it on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio.

“The Garden match with AJ and Omos, I was told was absolutely horrible. So it is possible they decided at the last minute, like, why put a horrible match on TV? So, um, maybe that’s it. Or maybe it’s COVID, I don’t know.


It was a weird thing, they way they handled it, because they announced the match at the start of the show. And then all of a sudden, late in the show, you know, AJ goes ‘Come on out, let’s do the match,’ and he’s not there, and Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez come out. So, that was really weird and awkward to say the least.”

It is getting harder to tell whether the changes to WWE’s scheduled cards are due to the COVID outbreak within the company or for creative reasons. AJ Styles and Omos have been building to their split for a long time.

Omos was ready to do his thing on RAW, but then he was flown home. No reason was given as to why he was given the night off.

It seems crazy to not pay it off for the fans who invested in the feud. If talk about their match at MSG being as bad as it was is true, we may all be better off without it this time.

What do you think of this change to last night’s WWE Raw? Let us know in the comments!

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