Sabu is known as an innovator of professional wrestling who came years before his time. Long before it was in style to perform death-defying offense from the top rope and beyond, Sabu was ahead of the curve. He even helped to bring tables to the wrestling mainstream.

The suicidal, homicidal, genocidal wrestler billed from “Bombay, Michigan” recently announced his retirement from the ring. He was happy to say that he did it his way throughout his entire career. Not everyone respected his contributions to the industry.

Sabu recently talked to PTM. During the interview, he said that he crossed paths a few times with Ric Flair. According to the former ECW star, The Nature Boy had no time to pay him any respect.

“Ric Flair, he’d come in the dressing room and shake everybody’s hand and skip mine. I’d put my hand out, he’d skip it and embarrass me. I’d go to shake everybody’s hand and I’d go to him.


I’d put it out and he’d turn his back on me. He’d turn his back and I’d try to get a handshake from his back, so I stopped putting my hand out for him.”

Ric Flair apparently is not a fan of Sabu’s in-ring style. To be fair, most wrestlers in WCW at the time were going out of their way to protect their spots at the top of the card. Sabu had no interest in the backstage politics. He ended up doing just fine for himself as far as his wrestling career.

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