Jerry “The King” Lawler’s past contract with WWE was scheduled to expire by the end of this month. As reported by Ringside earlier this week, WWE and Lawler is currently discussing his fresh new contract.

Reports from revealed that his new contract will be valid for two years. That means it will keep his run with the company through January 2024. Fans will be delighted to hear about The WWE Hall of Famer’s two additional years of association with the company.

On the latest Monday Night Raw, Lawler made an appearance in one backstage segment. The episode was scheduled in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. He appeared with Rhea Ripley, who was trying to cheer up Nikki A.S.H.

One funny incident happened when a fan came up asking for an autograph. Nikki assumed that the autograph was for her but the person actually wanted Lawler’s signature. Lawler offered A.S.H an autograph to cheer her up, but Nikki just walked away.


Lawler hasn’t been featured on WWE Monday Night Raw broadcast team in over a year and a half. Back in 2020, Lawler was pulled from the Raw broadcast team. Lawler thinks that the reason behind this is his comment about Akira Tozawa.

Lawler first made his WWE debut back in 1993 as a wrestler. He later transitioned into becoming an announcer where he was paired with fellow WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross. He is still wrestling on the independent scene.

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