Last night’s episode of WWE Raw contained two very uncomfortable segments. Liv Morgan (in character) blamed Becky Lynch for the releases of Ruby Soho and Sarah Logan, saying her big contract was the reason they were fired. Edge later said The Miz left John Morrison to get fired while he chased celebrity on Dancing With the Stars.

Any fan of the wrestlers who were released likely found the comments to be distasteful at best. The performers themselves and their families, who depended on that employment to put food on the table, also were likely not amused. In his post-show review, Sean Sapp of Fightful said he’d been in contact with several people related to WWE who were turned off by the segments.

“It happened several times during this show, and I had former WWE wrestlers, former WWE producers, and a current WWE wrestler, that were all telling me how bad a taste they thought that was.”

Promos that blur the lines between reality and fiction are nothing new in wrestling. In fact, the standoff between CM Punk and MJF on the most recent AEW Dynamite was well-received, despite similar humor. WWE may have been trying to emulate that style to get the segments with Liv and Edge over with fans.


As it stands, fans and wrestlers alike are still reeling from the most recent round of WWE releases. As many scramble to find new jobs, some will likely never wrestle again. What represents fodder for WWE writers to create edgy content may represent explaining to a child why they had to uproot and move to a new home to one of the talents who lost their opportunity.

The nuance between what AEW and WWE are doing is subtle, but it’s there. Foremost, the company who did the firing didn’t write the promos for MJF and CM Punk. Fans understand that most of the words spoken on WWE programming come from a writer. They see it as exploitative to both those fired as well as the wrestlers who now face criticism for delivering the lines.

What do you think of these segments? Are they in poor taste? Let us know in the comments.

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Michael Perry

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