Marty Jannetty is no stranger to bizarre social media posts. In September, he accused black men in a club of being racist towards him. He stated in the post that he was out lurking for sex that evening. The post had itself obvious racist undertones.

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Now, Jannetty has made two Facebook posts that recount what was apparently a wild night. The new posts again have heavy racial subtext. Party Marty posted pictures with a young African American woman along with one of her posing in lingere. Additionally, he posted a photo of his “Never Grow Up” wrist tattoo next to two cans of Bud Light. Marty shared his evening activities in the least subtle way possible.

“If you look closely, you can see skin under my girls know how to make you do it right..and, ALL NIGHT!!!


…I have an addiction I just can’t fight, I gotta go get it every night..and when I do and think I’m through, here she comes for another”

Marty Jannetty has also admitted to murder on social media in the past. He later said the entire thing was pro wrestling storyline. The admission caused a police investigation into Jannetty.

Marty Jannetty is famously one half of The Rockers tag team with Shawn Michaels. The team was popular in the 80’s and early 90’s. Jannetty defeated Michaels for the WWF Intercontinental Championship after the team broke up, but he couldn’t stay out of trouble and never stuck with the company. He is currently living by the words of his wrist tattoo and refusing to grow up.

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