Marty Jannetty is known for his outlandish social media posts. He even admitted to murder in the past via Facebook, and he recently dropped a few interesting posts that let fans know what he was recently up to. Apparently the former Rocker went to the club and had quite a time.

The former WWE Superstar has quite a history of bizarre social media posts. You can click here for collection of those.

Jannetty posted a few videos of himself at a club. He said that this was a “black club” and he got heat for leaving with a very attractive woman that he met there.

More mad than you want to know..lil momma in the brown told me what I know, I can’t leave with you in front of them,will meet you saw it knew it and pulled a blade on me..the floor is covered in blood and it ain’t minemmWHO THE F*CK IS RACIST?? Your boy may not live for racing up on me..I’m white but don’t mistake me….


The light skin black girl I was gonna hammer..stole my got it back though….had to tune her bday up.. dangerous being white in a black club..she told me what I me outside..can’t leave the club with a white boy..look who’s still here.myo boiy MJ Up-n-d-house

We finally at the show..not for nothin, but I had to serve up a two piece last clubs ain’t cool with white.. specially when you leave with their beauty queen..for those of you that don’t know..white at a black club, you meet not dare walk outside with can 2 piece all you want..brothers got guns and knives..thank goodness the brothers were on’s sad it’s that way…

You never really know how much of Marty Jannetty’s stories are on the level, because he has quite an imagination. He also sends out posts without really thinking about what he is saying sometimes. Either way, his friends on Facebook certainly got a kick out of this tale.

You can check out videos that Jannetty posted from his experience below. We have to imagine that his phone is also full of videos and photos that he can never post online.

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H Jenkins

H Jeknins is a News Correspondent at Ringside News, keeping wrestling fans updated with timely and accurate reports on all things wrestling.

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