Matt Riddle and Bill Goldberg don’t have the most amicable of relationships in pro wrestling. On several occasions, the two WWE Superstars have shown their dislike for each other. It seems that might have changed a big in recent memory. Back in 2019, Riddle criticized Goldberg for being an unsafe and dangerous worker and said that he was “the worst wrestler in the business.”

Now the two can have a chat in the Gorilla Position without having any issues. Riddle has also called out the WWE Hall Of Famer in the past and was not shy about it. Riddle was also confronted by Goldberg backstage during SummerSlam, where he told Riddle that he was not ”his bro.” Goldberg also blocked Riddle on social media in the past.

Goldberg previously revealed in an interview that he still appreciates Matt Riddle even if he doesn’t necessarily like Riddle. Riddle stated that he understood why Goldberg doesn’t like him as a person.

While speaking to Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg, Matt Riddle talked about his past comments about Goldberg and being on better terms now. Riddle added that he really wants to have a match against Goldberg next year if possible.

”I won’t call you out, but I’ll say this, Bill, Bill Goldberg, I’ll be honest, I think I’ve grown on the guy. I think he’s grown on me a little. I think that match can possibly happen. We both went to Saudi. We were both on the same airplane. We bumped into each other quite a few times on that airplane. I think we can get that match. I think we pull that one out. No promises but I’m hoping by 2022, we get Riddle vs. Goldberg. It will sell tickets.

“Out of those match-ups, I see that one happening, being the most realistic. I don’t think he’s ready for me yet. I think I ruffled his feathers a little bit. He’s a peacock. You know he doesn’t like his feathers ruffled. Kind of like I rubbed Bill the wrong way. I don’t think Bill was ready for a relationship for me. Now over time, in a year, things have simmered down.”

Matt Riddle previously detailed his most recent interaction with Goldberg, which went surprisingly well. We certainly wonder if Riddle and Goldberg will ever compete against each other in the squared circle as well. That would be a dream match many fans would love to see.

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the quotes.

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