The news that ROH has released its entire roster of wrestlers to rework the company has certainly made the rounds. We reported on it extensively and many are worried about the future of the promotion moving forward, and if their projected April 2022 return will be possible after all.

It would seem that Bronson Reed also had an invested interest in the company’s recent decisions, and more than one. He says he has friends in the company and he himself was in talks to possibly sign with the promotion. He also states that he was in talks with other companies as well and still is, though.

It was during a conversation with Wrestling Inc that he talked about these issues in detail.

“It’s very shocking. I have friends within the business that have messaged me straight away saying, ‘What’s going on?’ I assume it has to do with, obviously, unfortunately, the pandemic has affected a lot of wrestling companies and what they’ve been able to earn every quarter, and it looks like, this is just me guessing, it’s from that and that’s what’s happening with Ring of Honor. But I do have some friends in Australia that were set to do work with Ring of Honor, so I’m hoping for them that they can still do so.”


“I’m still, obviously, in talks with different companies. Ring of Honor was something that was definitely on my radar. I have friends within the business that are like, ‘It’s a good place to work.’ I have nothing set in stone with them or anything along those lines, but it was something that I would definitely be interested in. But hopefully it’s something that can survive, I guess. That seems to be the next question. When I was first released, I had someone reach out from Ring of Honor but nothing really since.”

It was on August 6th that Reed, aka, Jermaine Haley, aka, JONAH, was released form his contract with WWE. He wrestled on the NXT brand and was just recently at that time, the brand’s North American Champion. He had quite the run. To see where he ends up next will be interesting to see for sure.

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Domenic Marinelli

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