ROH is making a lot of headlines right now, and fans are remembering what the company once was. One of those original logos was actually created by a current WWE NXT Superstar. This is either a pretty amazing discovery on Twitter, or there’s something amiss with claims made by one Joaquin Wilde of Legado Del Fantasma.

Wilde seems to be taking credit for the design of the ROH logo, stating that he worked on the artwork on Paint Shop Pro 6, way back when he was 15. He is now 35 and that would have been 20 years ago. ROH started in 2002, so the math definitely adds up.

“Shoutout to 15 year old me, Paint Shop Pro 6 and the Dark Crystal font…”

The picture of the piece of paper shown in Wilde’s post details the first ever ROH event, which took place on February 23rd of 2002. The Wilde-created logo is there in the center. What many would consider conflicting evidence to his claims comes later in the text accompanying the logo. There is a highlighted portion of text stating clearly:


“Congrats to contest winner, Michael Paris who designed this logo.”

One twitter user even calls him out (although we hope this user was joking) to say:

“Ya, but who’s this Michael Paris person?”

Can he possibly be making false claims? Not at all. If you pay close attention to his aforementioned Wikipedia page, his real name is in fact Michael Paris. So in the end, we have a member of the NXT faction, Legado Del Fantasma, to thank for the ROH logo after all.

Wilde shared this with his following as the company is in peril and released its entire roster of wrestlers. Perhaps, Wilde was feeling nostalgic. In fact, we all are.

Also, if you happen to stop by his Wikipedia page, you’ll see just how prolific this young man is. He has wrestled in many promotions, perhaps most noteworthy, as Zema Ion in TNA.

Domenic Marinelli

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