Santos Escobar has been hanging his banner at NXT for quite a while now. Since the former NXT Cruiserweight Champion recently revealed that he hasn’t even met Vince McMahon yet, speculation about his place in the WWE is warranted. Escobar is long due a pivoting to the main roster, but it’s just not that’s been in talks.

Escobar didn’t garner much attention in the recent NXT show as well. His loss to Isaiah “Swerve” Scott only positioned him lower than he previously was. The loss came after he had lost his NXT North American Championship to Carmelo Hayes.

Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed on the Wrestling Observer Radio the under-utilized talent of Escobar. While Alvarez posed the question about Escobar not moving further up, Meltzer added that their intension at the time of signing him up was fair. They discussed many factors regarding Escobar, such as his height, age and his skills in the ring.

Alvarez: I’m watching this match and I’m thinking [that] all they want is some Hispanic superstar that can speak English, and Santos Escobar is a great worker, he’s a good looking guy and he can speak English and he’s stuck here.

Meltzer: Yea, that’s what they signed him for and then they obviously…

Alvarez: I guess he’s not 7 feet tall  but he’s not 5’2.

Meltzer: He’s not big and he’s not young.

Escobar has already put out feelers for the main roster alongside Legado Del Fantasma. He said that he would be interested in starting a feud with The Bloodline as something to begin with. Whether WWE follows Escobar up on his idea entirely depends on them.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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